Network Admin Guide (for Business Plans)

Business plans offer Company Network Administrative capabilities. In this article, we are going to outline how each of these work in more detail. Don't have a Business plan subscription? Please visit the Business Plan support article to learn how to purchase this subscription.


Navigate to Admin Panel

Click the avatar icon near the lower-left corner of the UI and select Account Settings (see Figure 1). On the left-hand navigation, scroll down until you find your Business plan name under Company Networks panel. Click the name to invoke a drop-down menu (see Figure 2).

Figure 1.png

Figure 1: Dashboard View/Opening Account Settings

Figure 6.1.png

Figure 2: Company Network Overview page

The panel provides admins with a number of capabilities, such as:

— overview Network settings and statistics (which is seen in Figure 2 above);

— add or remove Network Administrators;

— add or remove Network members;

— create and edit Distribution Lists;

— add, manage and delete Team Workspaces;

— see the Network usage analytics;

— brand your Network;


Add or Remove Network Administrators

To add a Network admin, scroll down the Overview page to Network Administrators and select +Add Administrators. Enter email addresses and click Add Administrators. These users well receive an email notification inviting them into the Network. 

Figure 3.png

Figure 3: Adding Network Admin

To remove Network admins, simply click the "x" on the right side of their email address, and select Remove User to confirm this action.

Figure 4.png

Figure 4: Remove Network Admin


Add, Manage and Delete Team Workspaces

We have an existing articles that explain how to create, manage and delete Team Workspaces. Please visit the following support articles to learn more: 

Create Team Workspaces 

Manage Team Workspaces 

Delete Team Workspaces 


Remove Network Members

We have an existing article that explains how to remove Network members. Please visit the following support article to learn more: 

Remove Network Member 


Create and Edit Distribution Lists

From the panel click Distribution Lists (see Figure 2) and select either Create a New List or Create a Distribution List (see Figure 5). In the resulting modal type in the name of the list, add contacts, and select Save Changes (see Figure 6). Upon saving, the distribution list will be created and listed. To make edits, select the icon (see Figure 7).

Figure 5.png

Figure 5: Distribution Lists page

Figure 6.png

Figure 6: Create Distribution List Modal

Figure 7.png

Figure 7: New Distribution List Created / Edit icon


Network Usage Analytics

We have an existing article that explains how to utilize Network Analytics. Please visit the following support article to learn more: 

Network Analytics 


Company Network Branding

We have an existing article that explains how to customize Company Network Branding. Please visit the following support article to learn more: 

Company Network Branding


For any additional questions, please reach out to the Ci Customer Success Team by submitting a request here in the Help Center. 

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