Network Members

To view, search or export a list of your Company Network members, the Network Administrator should follow these steps:

1. Click on their own avatar, which will show a dropdown menu, which includes the option “Account Settings”. 


Figure 1: Getting to Network Administrator panel

2. Then, click on the Network's title to expand the list of available options and click on Members:


Figure 2: Viewing a list of Network Members

 A user can search through the list, including partial email addresses, and export the entire list or only that which the search renders. Scroll across to see a member's statistics and/or remove a member. To remove a member select the trash icon next to their name. You will see the following:


 Figure 3: revoking member's access.

Upon revoking access, a user will be removed from the member and access lists across all Company Network resources (Team Workspaces, WorkSessions, and MediaBoxes).

They will also be removed from all MediaBoxes sent from said Network, but may still have access to Public and Password Protected MediaBoxes through bookmarked links or saved emails.

You will inherit the ownership of any MediaBoxes or WorkSessions that belong to a user whose access has been revoked.


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