Delete Team Workspace

To delete a Team Workspace, please follow this guidance:

Click on your avatar, which will invoke a drop-down menu, then click on “Account Settings”:


Figure 1: Getting to Network Administrator panel

In the Network Administrator panel navigate to your Company Network > Team Workspaces and click on desired Workspace Name within the list of Team Workspaces.

You’ll be presented with the Team Workspace Overview screen. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to get to the "Delete Workspace" button:


Figure 2: Team Workspace overview

In order to delete the Team Workspace, type in "EXECUTE" and click the “Delete Workspace” button. You will be provided with the Workspace summary information:


 Figure 3: Deleting a Team Workspace

Please read the summary carefully. It’s important to note that once the operation is completed, a Team Workspace, as well as all of its folders, files, participants, MediaBoxes and WorkSessions, will be removed. There’s no way to recover them after that point. 

Once the deletion process is completed, the Team Workspace owner and all participants are notified by email. If a process for Team Workspace is adopted, the removal of content and members of the Team could precede the Deletion process to minimize the impact on the members and ensure that the Team had the opportunity to remove or pull down content that is necessary to keep.


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