Manage Team Workspace Settings

From the Network Administrator panel navigate to your Company Network > Team Workspaces and click on desired Workspace Name within the list of Team Workspaces.

You’ll be presented with the Team Workspace Overview screen:


Figure 1: Team Workspace Overview (screen 1 of 3)


Figure 2: Team Workspace Overview (screen 2 of 3)


Figure 3: Team Workspace Overview (screen 3 of 3)



Company Network Admin is capable of enabling or disabling Aspera Transfers, Archive feature, Expedited Restore feature;

Storage Allowance

To adjust storage allowance, type in a value and select a measuring unit (MB, GB or TB).

Storage Management

Network Administrators can create Storage Management Policies to instruct Ci to automatically:

  • Move files to the trash,
  • Archive files or
  • Permanently delete files

Read more about Storage Management feature here: Company Network Admin Guide: Storage Management Policies


Workspace Privileges

You can set up who would be able to add or remove Workspace members as well as to delete Workspace files forever by selecting a specific option from corresponding drop-down menus. 

To save applied changes, click "Save Changes" button.


For any additional questions, please reach out to the Ci Customer Success Team by submitting a request here in the Help Center. 


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