Elements Panel

The new Elements Panel makes it easier to access and discover File Elements like preview proxies, custom renders, and user added elements. Although the File Elements section is still available where it's always been (see article here), utilizing the Elements Panel will empower you, your team, and your company to further streamline workflows and enhance your experience with Ci. In this article, we'll walk you through how to use the Elements Panel.


Element Panel Navigation

In order to reveal the Element Panel you must first select a file. Notice the Elements icon will appear in the upper-right corner of the UI. Selecting the icon will open the Elements Panel. Depending on the file type (or elements added), the sections within the panel are as follows:

– Videos (Video proxies, Custom renders)

– Images (Thumbnails, Frame grabs)

– Closed Captions (Closed captions and subtitles)

– Audio

– User-Uploaded Elements

– Other files (System-generated files, PDFs, etc.)


Figure 1: Opening Elements Panel


Video Proxies

The Videos section contains lower resolution proxies (3G, SD & SD+) which can be previewed and downloaded. For those who have higher resolution proxies available (HD, 2K, 2K+), you can generate proxies on demand by selecting Generate this proxy. In order to download these proxies, simply right-click on the proxy or click the kebab icon on the right to evoke the 'more' menu. You'll have the option to download via Standard HTTP or Aspera Download.


Figure 2: Elements Panel (Videos Section)

Notice that the Preview option is available from this menu as well (see Figure 2). Simply select Preview to start playback or click on the video proxy. This playback experience is different than File Preview (for more information, please visit our help center article Preview Content/File Elements). Besides normal playback navigation, you also have the option to download from this view by selecting the blue download button in the upper-right corner. To exit preview, simply click anywhere on the screen besides the player:


Figure 3: Previewing Proxies 

Custom Renders

(Note: As of now, the custom renders section will not appear unless one custom render already exists.)

Generate and download renders of the original file in your preferred video format and resolution by selecting the Screen_Shot_2022-11-30_at_9.13.21_AM.png button (see bottom of Figure 2). A Create Custom Render modal window will open prompting you to enter a name, select a format, and choose where to store the custom render. To finish, select the blue Create Custom Render button. The render will begin processing, and once it's complete, it will be ready to be downloaded and previewed the same way as proxies:


Figure 4: Creating a Custom Render



The Images section contains Thumbnail proxies and Frame grabs. To preview the thumbnail, right-click or select the kebab icon and click Preview. You can simply click on the thumbnail as well. The default thumbnail preview is set to the highest resolution proxy. To download the thumbnail, right-click or select the kebab icon and hover over Download or Download with Aspera. From the dropdown menu, select the desired thumbnail resolution to begin downloading:


Figure 5: Preview/Download Thumbnail Proxies

Frame grabs

The Frame grabs section will only appear if a frame grab(s) has been created. For more information on how to create frame grabs, please visit our help center article How to set Custom Thumbnail. There are several options for frame grabs such as preview, download, set as new thumbnail and many more. To see these options, right-click or select the kebab icon on the frame grab to evoke the 'more' menu:


Figure 6: Frame Grab Context Menu

Closed Captions / Audio Files:

Subtitles and other caption file elements will be displayed in the Closed Captions section of the Elements Panel. As with all elements, these files can be downloaded, copied to other files as elements, or be renamed. The following section will contain audio file elements (if those elements are added). Audio file elements can be previewed by simply clicking the element or by selecting Preview from the 'more' menu:


Figure 7: Caption and Audio Elements

Other Files:

System-generated files

Scroll down to the bottom of the Elements panel to find other system generated files such as XML and Video Waveform TXT. Both files can be downloaded the same way as the previously mentioned files:


Figure 8: Other System-Generated Files

Add Elements / Filter:

In order to add elements, select the blue +Add Element button at the top of the Elements Panel. You'll have the option to upload a new element or add an existing file as an element. When the element is uploaded, a new section will appear in the panel: User-uploaded elements. In order to filter through the Elements Panel, simply click the filter dropdown menu (highlighted in red) and select which elements to view:


Figure 9: User-Uploaded Elements / Filter Dropdown menu

View / Edit Metadata

For users with permission to add metadata to File Elements (entitlement required), you’ll find 'View (and edit) metadata' modal is available in the 'more' menu:


Figure 10: View / Edit Metadata

To learn more about file metadata, please visit out help center article Adding File Custom Metadata.


For any additional questions, please reach out to the Ci Customer Success Team by submitting a request here in the Help Center. 

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