Add & Play Closed Captions

We know what you're thinking. "Boy, I sure wish there was a way to see closed captions during video playback." Well congrats! Your wish just came true (you're welcome). Here's how you can do that: 

Open file preview

Start by selecting a file and open it for a preview (this can be done by clicking on the View option in the Action Bar or clicking on the Preview option in the file's context menu, or by simply double-clicking on the file itself):


Figure 1: Opening file preview

Upload CC Elements

Once the preview page opens, scroll the page down to the File Elements tab or just click View -> Elements. The user then should click on the Upload Elements button and select their closed caption files to upload. Alternatively, the user can also drag-n-drop a CC file to upload. 


Figure 2: Upload CC elements

Once the file has completed processing it will show up at the top of the file elements list. For more information on uploading elements please visit our article Upload Asset Elements.

Turn on CC's

To turn on closed captions, click the Screen_Shot_2022-03-24_at_6.02.25_PM.png button near the bottom-right corner of the player and select the file you just uploaded:


Figure 3: Turning on CC's

Once selected, you will be able to see closed captions in your playback. You can select Off to turn off captions. Simple, right? 



For any additional questions (or wishes), please reach out to the Ci Customer Success Team by submitting a request here in the Help Center.






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