Can I share a folder?

Sharing folders provides a quick and simple way to create view only or view and download only shares without requiring massive administrator overhead. Just share a folder in a MediaBox and invite the users who should have access. When creating a MediaBox, the folder share will default to view only. Using the Advanced Settings, it's possible to enable download options in the Create MediaBox dialog if you want users to be able to download files from the folder.

When you share a folder in a MediaBox, the recipients have access to all files and subfolders in the shared folder. The following example contains three levels of folders. Sharing Folder_Level_2 shares the contents of that folder and the Folder_Level_3 subfolder in the MediaBox, but the parent — Folder_Level_1 — is not shared.


Figure 1: Folder hierarchy

If you add or delete files in a shared folder, those changes are automatically reflected in the MediaBox.

For more information, please see the User Guide article Share Folders in MediaBoxes.


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