Creators' App Upload to Ci

The Creators' App for Enterprise offers the ability to upload videos directly to a Ci Workspace via File Request. In this article, we'll show you how this is done. To get started, download Creators' App for Enterprise in the Apple or Google Play store:

— App Store: 

— Google Play: 


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Figure 1: Creators' App for Enterprise

Create a File Request

You will need to create a File Request in order to generate a File Request code. This code will be used in the Creators' App for Enterprise in order to configure the destination for your uploads. To learn more about File Requests in more detail, please visit our Create File Requests article in our help center.

Open a Workspace and select the blue + Add New button near the upper-right corner of the UI. From the dropdown menu, select New File Request:

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Figure 2: Select File Requests from Workspace view

In the File Request creation modal, there are a couple settings that you must uncheck. First, in the Advanced Settings, you must ensure "Requires Contributor's email" is unchecked. Second, select the Request Metadata tab and uncheck every box to ensure no metadata is being requested (see Figure 5). If these items are left unchecked, the files will not transfer:

Figure 4.png

Figure 3: File Request Creation Modal

Figure 5.png

Figure 4: Disable Required Metadata

When these settings are in place, click Create File Request. In the resulting modal, select Show File Request code (which is really the last 8 characters in the File Request link). Save the code, as you will be using this in the following steps (see Figure 7). 

Figure 6.png

Figure 5: Show File Request code pt. 1

Figure 7.png

Figure 6: Show File Request code pt. 2

Open Creators' App for Enterprise

Upon opening the App on your phone, select Ci Media Cloud. Optionally, you can select the "Use This Service Next Time" toggle to remember this selection. Tap "OK" to continue. On the next page, paste or type in your File Request code that was previously generated. Tap "OK" to continue. Now you are ready to start uploading! Select the "Drive/USB" icon near the upper-right corner:

IMG-0485.PNG IMG-0511.PNG IMG-0512.PNG

Figure 7: Creators' App Upload pt. 1

** Before we move on, please note that the Creators' App for Enterprise looks for content within the Files app of your mobile device. If you have videos that you would like to upload, they must first be placed at the root folder of your Files app. 

On the following prompt, tap "Open" near the upper-right corner. Select either High-Res or High-Res + Proxy. On the next prompt, your video files will be displayed for selection. Select the files by tapping on the ones you want to upload. To select all, tap the kebab icon in the upper-right corner and choose Select All Clips. Tap "Confirm" to continue:

IMG-0513.PNG IMG-0514.PNG IMG-0515.PNG

Figure 8: Creators' App Upload pt. 2

To initiate the upload, tap the cloud icon. The file(s) will begin uploading to the specified location in the File Request and display an "Upload Completed" status when the transfer has finished:

IMG-0516.PNG IMG-0517.PNG IMG-0518.PNG


Figure 9: Creators' App Upload pt. 3

After the upload is completed, you will see the file(s) processing in Ci: 

Figure 15.png

Figure 10: Files Processing in Workspace

If you would like your files to start upload automatically, select the hamburger icon near the upper-left corner, select Settings, and enable Auto File Upload to Cloud under Upload Settings (see Figure 10). Tap Save in the upper-right corner to retain these settings for subsequent transfers. 


For any additional questions, please reach out to the Ci Customer Success Team by submitting a request here in the Help Center. 

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