Timed Text Search & Panel

With the Timed Text Panel working together with Timed Text Search, users now have the ability to be taken directly to a specific frame/sentence in the video playback with just a few clicks (excuse our flex 💪).  In this article, we'll walk you through how this works.


Timed Text Search

Open a Workspace and select the Screen_Shot_2023-05-05_at_1.25.40_PM.png icon near the upper-left corner of the UI to open Search. Input a search query for specific terms/text within a Timed Text file and select the Filters tab:


Figure 1: Setting up the Search

In this scenario, Search is being performed within a specific Workspace, so the "Network" and "Spaces" filters will already be preselected. Scroll down to the Timed Text filter section to view the different options (see definitions below):


— Exclude in search: Timed Text files will be excluded from search results

— Include in search: Timed Text files will be included in the results along with additional files that meet the search criteria

— Timed Text Only: Only Timed Text files will be presented in the search results


In this case, we'll use Timed Text Only and no other filters will be included.  When you're ready, click Search to pull up Timed Text results:



Figure 2: Timed Text results and Panel

Timed Text Panel

From the search results, select a file that has the Screen_Shot_2023-05-05_at_1.39.28_PM.png icon on the thumbnail. Upon selecting the file, the same Timed Text icon will appear along the right panel navigation (see figure 2). Select the Screen_Shot_2023-05-08_at_2.42.22_PM.png icon to open the Timed Text panel.  In this case, notice our search query for "victory" revealed the matching term in the panel as well as the timecode during playback.


At this point, select the matching term in the Timed Text panel to be taken directly to the exact frame the Timed Text begins in asset preview (see figure 2):


Figure 3: Timed Text in asseet preview

You'll be taken to asset preview. From here, select the Screen_Shot_2023-05-05_at_1.41.15_PM.png button in the bottom-right corner of the Preview player to turn on captions and hit the Play button. Notice additional Timed Text will be displayed in the panel and can also be selected to snap to that part of the playback.  You also have the option to search for text and filter through other caption files, as long as they are elements of the asset being previewed. 


Within the Timed Text panel, users can select the Screen_Shot_2023-05-05_at_1.43.24_PM.png icon to open the Smart Clipping modal to clip that portion of the playback (see figure 3):


Figure 4: Smart Clipping modal

For more information on how to use Smart Clipping, please visit the following help center article: Create a Clip (Smart Clipping)


For any additional questions, please reach out to the Ci Customer Success Team by submitting a request here in the Help Center. 

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