SONY | Ci - Product Updates

October 7, 2020

What’s New

  • Restoring files from archive could sometimes take longer than it should so we made improvements to handle the requests more efficiently. 
  • Spruced up email design for notifications like WorkSession invitations, MediaBox notifications, reporting, and more!
  • Improved the look and feel of the ‘Choose a Team plan’ page to support both dark and light mode users.
  • Cleaned up some design inconsistencies in the context panel.

Bug Fixes

  • Someone tripped up and broke the full-screen feature in the Ci player causing the video to stay in the smaller dimension of the browser window.  This bug has been fixed so the video will expand to full-screen and fit to scale as the window is resized or the full-screen view is collapsed. 
  • When creating or editing a MediaBox, the distribution list modal window appeared ‘out of order,’ opening behind the MediaBox window.  Now, when you click on ‘View’ (list details) the distro list modal will appear above the MediaBox window.