Ci Mobile App for iOS & Android

The Ci Mobile App empowers users to browse, view and share files stored in their Ci Workspace from their mobile device. Utilizing this app combined with Ci on your desktop can further streamline workflows and create an entirely new workflow to accomplish your goals. In this article we will show you how to navigate through the app: 

Logging into Ci Mobile

To get started, download Ci: View & Share Media in the Apple or Google Play store.

— App Store: 

— Google Play:

Upon opening the app, the user will be presented with a login screen. After tapping Login from the bottom of the screen, your device will open a browser. Type in your user credentials and tap Login:

Screenshot_20220412-224615.png Screenshot_20220412-224651.png Screenshot_20220412-224719.png

Figure 1: Logging into Ci Mobile

Upon logging in, the user will have the option to enable biometrics to login. Tap Enable Biometrics and follow the instructions or skip for now. 

Getting into Spaces

After the biometrics screen the user will be brought to their mobile dashboard in the Spaces tab. This view contains the users workspaces. The user can search for a space by typing in the search box near the top or filter through their workspaces using the filter icon near the top right of the screen. 

Upon opening a workspace, the user will have visibility into all the folders and files within that space. Tap folders to open them or tap files to preview them. Click the Screen_Shot_2022-04-13_at_9.39.24_AM.png icon near the bottom-right corner of the file or folder to open the context menu. From here, the user can also preview the file, create a new MediaBox or add the file/folder to an existing MediaBox. To move into a different workspace tap the workspace name at the top:

Screenshot_20220412-224739.png Screenshot_20220412-224810.png Screenshot_20220412-225053.png

Figure 2: Getting into Workspaces

Previewing a file

When opening a file for preview, the file begins playback automatically. The user can preview the file vertically and horizontally. Playback navigation can be found on the bottom of the screen. To open the files context panel swipe left or tap the panel icon near the top-right of the screen. Swipe right to close the context panel. In order to create a MediaBox from this view, select the Screen_Shot_2022-04-13_at_9.39.24_AM.png icon and select Share in New MediaBox or Add to Existing MediaBox. Tap the left arrow icon near the top-left of the screen to get back to the root workspace folder:

Screenshot_20220413-095928.png Screenshot_20220413-102603.png Screenshot_20220413-100951.png


Figure 3: Previewing a file

File Search

To search for files, tap the search icon near the bottom navigation menu. A couple details to keep in mind are as follows:

— minimum search query length is 3 characters;

— search results are getting sorted by descending order of relevance;

— metadata is searchable; 

While logged in, Ci mobile will remember your previous searches as well: 

Screenshot_20220413-103943.png Screenshot_20220413-105256.png Screenshot_20220413-105614.png

Figure 4: File Search


The Mediaboxes tab in the bottom navigation menu allows the user to see active MediaBoxes (MB) they created. The details shown for each MB include type, amount of days the MB has been active, and expiration date. To quickly locate a MB use the search field to type the MB's name or use the filter icon. Tap the MB to open it's contents. Tap the Screen_Shot_2022-04-13_at_11.25.32_AM.png icon near the top-right corner of the screen to copy the MB link to seamlessly send files. Tap MediaBox info to view more details of the MediaBox:

Screenshot_20220413-111050.png Screenshot_20220413-111056.png Screenshot_20220413-111103.png

Figure 5: MediaBoxes

Profile tab

In the profile tab, the user is provided a list of helpful links. The list includes:

— Give Feedback: Send us an email;

— Help: Search our Help Desk for helpful articles or submit a help ticket;

— Product Updates;

— Terms of Service;

— Version of Ci Mobile;


Figure 6: Profile Tab

To sign out of your account tap the Logout button.


For any additional questions, please reach out to the Ci Customer Success Team by submitting a request here in the Help Center. 

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