Configuring Default MediaBoxes Settings

Company Network Administrators have the option to configure default settings for MediaBoxes that originate from one of the Workspaces within the Company Network. This allows exerting more control over the security and expiration dates for MediaBoxes shared from a Space.

The settings have to be applied at the Workspace management level, which means that every Workspace may have its own settings for MediaBoxes.

To set up the new default MediaBox settings, a Company Network admin can go to the Account Settings page, find the Team Workspaces option for the Company Network, click on a specific Workspace name, and then click on the Security tab. 



Figure 1: MediaBox settings on the Account Settings page


Network Admin may set their preference on what types of MediaBoxes can be sent as well as MediaBoxes' maximum expiration time period:



Figure 2: MediaBox settings available for change

Once these settings are changed, any new or updated MediaBox must adhere to the new settings, however, existing MediaBoxes will not be automatically updated. In order to update existing MediaBoxes, you will need to visit the MediaBox Management page and update MediaBoxes that display a warning icon.

Network Admins may also apply correspondent changes proactively for any new Workspace. In order to do this, a Company Network admin would have to get to the Account Settings page, click the Team Workspaces option for the Company Network, and then click on the Workspace Defaults tab: 


Figure 3: Workspace Defaults tab on the Account Settings page 


Scroll down this page, find correspondent settings and apply the changes.


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