Send to External Target: S3 Location

Ci provides its users with the ability to send the content of their Workspaces to a external S3 buckets. 

Once a file (or multiple files) or a folder has been selected, there are two different ways the user can start the sending process:

Click the "Share" button in the Action Bar and then click the "Send to external target" menu option:


Figure 1: Triggering "Send to external target" from the Action Bar

... or right-click on the selection itself, click "Share" and then "Send to external target" menu option:


Figure 2: "Send to external target" in the file's context menu

Please note:  this functionality does not support archived files.

Upon click on the "Send to external target" option, the user will be presented with the following dialogue window, where he/she should click on the "+ New S3 Location" option:


Figure 3: "Send to external target" in the file's context menu

Now, the user has to configure the target S3 location:


Figure 4: "Send to external target" configuration dialogue window

Please note: the provided credentials must have PutObject and GetObject permissions on the target bucket/prefix.

In order to be able to use External Target configuration in the future, the user must either be a Network Admin or request their Network Admin to apply the configuration on the Company Network level. 

Fill out all the required fields and click the "Send Files" button. The files are being sent now. To check on the transfer status, the user may click on the "Sent to External Target" icon:


Figure 5: The "Sent to External Target" icon's location

The user will then see the list of his/her recent transfers:


Figure 6: The list of the user's transfers 


For any additional questions, please reach out to the Ci Customer Success Team by submitting a request here in the Help Center.


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