Ci offers an Image Review Application. As part of an integrated toolset, the ImageReview application allows users to review full image files as a general purpose application to collaboratively make comments to facilitate the decision making process. 

Feature List for ImageReview and Approval Application:

  • Like or Dislike File – Thumbs Up/Down;
  • Add Comments;
  • Drawing Tools for Annotating on Image;
  • Zoom in / Zoom out the image;
  • Preview thumbnail;
  • Threaded comments;
  • General Ease of Use;

To open an image in ImageReview, the user should click on the image(s) and then either click on the Launch app icon within the blue Action Bar and select imageReview... 


Figure 1: Getting into ImageReview application

...or right-click on the file to open the context menu, and navigate to Launch app > imageReview.


A new tab will open the Image Review interface:


Figure 2: ImageReview interface

Within ImageReview it is possible to scale images, use the annotation tools to draw, outline and/or highlight on top of the image.

WorkSession Toolbar


Figure 3: WorkSession toolbar

WorkSession title by default equals a filename. The title is editable. Upon clicking on it, WorkSession settings modal will appear:


Figure 4: WorkSession settings modal window

Within the modal, it is possible to edit WorkSession name, set a session goal, assign a status, set an expiration date, and invite new participants.

Screen_Shot_2022-01-03_at_1.56.46_PM.png WorkSession status allows setting a WorkSession's status, choosing between "Draft", "Active" and "Completed".

Screen_Shot_2022-01-03_at_1.56.21_PM.png Members menu option allows inviting participants to the session by entering their name or email address or adding a Distribution List into the WorkSession Members section. Add/remove existing participants at any time. All invited participants will be able to review and comment on the files included in the WorkSession. Name suggestions will come up as the user is typing.

Participants will be notified via email with details of the Worksession including its name, goal, and due date.

Screen_Shot_2022-01-03_at_1.57.08_PM.png Notifications option allows activating/deactivating email notifications about WorkSession activity.

Screen_Shot_2022-01-03_at_1.57.19_PM.png Edit Session option would provide Settings modal window that is shown in Figure 4.

Screen_Shot_2022-01-03_at_1.57.30_PM.png More options stack provides abilities to Like/Dislike a file, get Hotkeys hint, and export comments into PDF file.


Figure 5: More options stack

Adding/Removing Files to/from WorkSession

To add files to current WorkSession, click the "Add Item" icon in the top-left part of WorkSession view, just below the WorkSession title. Multiple files can be added at once.


Figure 6: Adding files to ImageReview session

In order to remove a file from a WorkSession, point cursor over the file's thumbnail and click the "Trash Bin" icon.

Just below the preview image, there are image name, dimensions, toggle thumbnails on/off and annotation control (find more about it below).

File Discussion

The ImageReview application provides the capability to create comments and annotations, reply to them, edit and delete as well as search for comments and sort them. Comments can be threaded and a spotlight is shown in the picture to represent the location of the comments/replies and the correlating annotation.


Figure 7: Adding comments and annotations to ImageReview session

By clicking on a comment/reply, the corresponding annotation will appear. 


Figure 8: Annotation control

Annotation control provides three options:

— All Annotations will display all the annotations made in File Discussion;

— All Annotations in Thread will display only annotations made in a current thread, including replies;

— Selected Annotations Only will only display an annotation related to a current single comment/reply. 

For any additional questions, please reach out to the Ci Customer Success Team by submitting a request here in the Help Center. 


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