User Guide: Copy files to another Space

Ci makes it simple to share the content of a space either via copying it to another space a user has access to or via sending it as MediaBoxes.

To copy files to another space, a user may select single or multiple files, right-click to evoke the context menu, hover Send option and click "Copy to Space": 


Figure 1: Copying to Space

 Copy to Space option opens a modal window where you can select the files’ destination Space and/or a folder on any level of a folder hierarchy. As seen in the following Figure, you can also create a folder in the destination Space, including Catalog folders, if you need to:


Figure 2: Setting a destination

There are three options to organize a list of available Spaces: display recently accessed, sort by Workspace name or sort by Network name:


Figure 3: Organizing a list of available Spaces

To see more specific details of each Space, such as available storage, date of creation or most recent activity date, click on "Space Detail View":


Figure 4: Space Detail View


To complete copying, the user just should click on the "Copy Files" button


For any additional questions, please reach out to the Ci Customer Success Team by submitting a request here in the Help Center. 



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