Activity and Alerts

Workspace Activity Stream is located in the right part of Workspace view, just below Folder/File info area:


Figure 1: Workspace activity stream within the Workspace view

Activity Stream provides details on activities with files, MediaBoxes, File Requests as well as on Workspace Team members, who have completed the activity:


Figure 2: Workspace activity stream example

The user can enable email alerts for a number of activities. In order to do this, the user has to click on the “Alerts” button, denoted by a bell icon, on the left side of the screen:



Figure 3: Alerts icon location within a Workspace view

A checklist will pop up that will allow the user to choose which activities he/she would like to receive email notifications for. 


Figure 4: Email alerts settings modal window 

"Files added" activity includes following events:

— file(s) have been uploaded to the Workspace;

— files have been copied from another Workspace to the current one;

This allows team users to establish a more natural workflow and trigger a responsive action without explicit communication.


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