WorkSessions Management

Ci provides a suite of tools that empowers production teams by providing the ability to collaborate online.

Once a user opens an asset (or multiple assets) in one of the tools, such as VideoReview, ImageReview, RoughCut, etc, Ci automatically creates a draft of a Worksession. The user may access the list of WorkSession drafts, as well as active and completed WorkSessions.

In order to retrieve the list, the user should click on the WorkSessions icon:


 Figure 1: WorkSessions icon on the Dashboard

Upon click on the WorkSessions icon, the user will be presented with the following view:


Figure 2: WorkSessions list

As shown in Figure 2, the user can apply the following filters to the list:

— WorkSession origin (created by user vs the ones the user has been invited to);

— WorkSession status (All / Active / Completed / Drafts);

— Apps (VideoReview / ImageReview / RoughCut / MediaLog);

— Spaces;

Once a WorkSession is selected, the user is able to see additional details related to is, such as its original Workspace, number of files in the WorkSession, number of participants (click on the number to see the entire list of users invited to the WorkSession), and history of activity, related to the WorkSpace; in addition, the user can manage the WorkSession: edit, open or delete it;

The user may search a WorkSession by typing its title into the "Search WorkSessions" field and clicking the Enter button. 

If a user navigates to Edit Session from the WorkSpace WorkSession Management view:


Figure 5: WorkSession Management Navigation from almost anywhere in Ci


A copy link feature is available in that modal when editing a WorkSession:


Figure 6: Copy Link Feature in the WorkSession Management Modal


For any additional questions, please reach out to the Ci Customer Success Team by submitting a request here in the Help Center. 


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