Manage Workspace Branding

The Workspace owner can manage the Workspace card appearance on the Dashboard by setting Workspace Internal Branding:


Figure 1: Default Internal Branding

For both the Avatar & the background we recommend using square image such as 100px by 100px for an Avatar or using 400px by 400px for the background. We recommend file-sizes less than 1.5 MB.

After uploading, check the preview, then click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page.

Optionally, the avatar can be turned off, so it won't be displayed in the large cards view on the Dashboard.



Figure 2: Customized Internal Branding

External Branding

This feature allows you to create your own brand and impression whenever an external member accesses a Workspace-originated resource (File Requests, WorkSessions or MediaBoxes).

Select the Network-level branding option to use the Network-default brand elements for this Workspace (defined under the Network > Branding area). Use the Workspace-level branding option to override the Network default and reinforce a more specific brand or impression. This can be useful where Workspaces are used as Project Workspaces, Client Workspaces or Campaign Workspaces.

  • Inherit from the Network Branding
  • Override the branding with Team Workspace specific branding
  • Turn off the External Branding.

This controls the brand and the impression that is delivered to colleagues, clients, and partners when sending File Requests, shipping MediaBoxes or inviting others to a WorkSession for collaboration. These branding elements are what invited users will see on initial access (emails and certain landing pages, such as for File Requests & MediaBoxes and login page).


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