Working with Metadata Templates

Metadata Templates are being created and populated on Company Network level by SONY | Ci Customer Success Team.

Once a template gets populated across a Network, it can be utilized in several ways:

Filling out Metadata Template for an Asset

To fill out a Metadata Template for a specific asset, the user should click on the asset to select it. Then, click on the More icon in the Action bar and select "Edit metadata," or click on a similar icon below File Info stack:


Figure 1: Access asset's Metadata

Upon click on the Edit button, the user will access the metadata template and will be able to add more metadata that may be unique to this specific asset by scrolling the Template all the way down and clicking on Add New Field button:


Figure 2: Adding file specific Metadata field 

Utilizing Metadata Template for File Request

Metadata can be requested from external contributors by applying Metadata Template to a File Request. In order to do that, the user should click the "Request Metadata" tab in Create File Request modal window and opt-in "Include Network metadata model in contributor form". Click View to customize the template and/or make some metadata fields required: 


Figure 3: Customizing Metadata Template for File Request

"Required" is a field without filling out which a contributor will not be able to fulfill the File Request. 

The File Request creator can also prefill metadata fields.

Contributing metadata via File Request

To contribute metadata along with content via File Request, open File Request link, select files to contribute and either click "Expand All" to add metadata to all files or click "Show Metadata" option next to a filename to fill out metadata for a single file.

The fields marked with red asterisk (*) are required to have a value.


Figure 4: Contributing content and metadata to a File Request


For any additional questions, please reach out to the Ci Customer Success Team by submitting a request here in the Help Center. 


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