Upload Content

A user can upload their content via standard HTTP or through Aspera Connect.

Standard Upload

The Standard Upload option uses the standard HTTP protocol through the web browser. The upload speed/time will depend on the user’s web connection as well as any other applications utilizing the user’s connectivity.

To upload content using this option, click the +Add Item button and click on the Upload option. Alternatively, the user can drag and drop files from the computer into the Workspace to initiate the upload. 

For Standard upload, the user has to make sure that the browser tab/window with ongoing upload does not get closed at any time, otherwise, the upload will fail.


Figure 1: Upload files via Standard upload method

Aspera Connect Upload

(Note: Aspera Uploads are only available for paid users)

Aspera Connect provides a client that enables greater reliability of uploads regardless of file size or user location since it allows for a more managed transfer process.  The only file size limit is currently 5TB.

To install the Aspera Connect plug-in, click on the Upload w/Aspera option in the Upload menu in the workspace. This will open a prompt requiring Aspera Connect to continue.


Figure 2: Upload files with Aspera

For more specific information regarding uploads with Aspera Connect, please read this Knowledge Base article: User Guide: Aspera Uploads



Tracking upload progress

Once the upload starts, its progress will be reflected in the Space UI:


Figure 3: Upload in progress


After the file has finished uploading, the file gets into the processing queue:


Figure 4: Upload completed, file queued for processing


Figure 5:  Asset is being processed


For any additional questions, please reach out to the Ci Customer Success Team by submitting a request here in the Help Center. 


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