Create MediaBoxes

MediaBoxes may contain files/folders that can be shared via a link. These customizable share links provide options to set up the contents of MediaBox, their recipients, and how MediaBoxes are accessed.

There are a couple of ways to create a MediaBox:

— Click on a file, select Share from the Action Bar, and choose Share in new MediaBox.


Figure 1: Create a MediaBox using Action Bar

— Right-click on a file to invoke the file's context menu, then select Share -> Share in new MediaBox.


Figure 2: Create a MediaBox using the file context menu

— In addition, while in Workspace, the user can click the "+ Add New" button and then click "Share a new MediaBox":


Figure 3: Create a MediaBox using the "+Add New" button in MediaBox

Whichever option the user prefers, the following modal window will offer to configure a MediaBox:


Figure 4: Create MediaBox modal window (Customize tab)

In the Customize tab, the user can specify a MediaBox name or leave a default one (which is a full filename and optionally a number of files the MediaBox would contain, see Figure 4).

Optionally, the user may drop a line in MediaBox Notes to provide recipients with some additional context.

Next, the user can specify a MediaBox type. There are three types of MediaBoxes:

  • Secure: only recipients who have Ci account can access these, as login into Ci is required;
  • Protected: login is optional, anyone with the MediaBox link and password can view its content;
  • Public: anyone who has the MediaBox link can open the MediaBox;

The user may then set auto-expiration or customize MediaBox expiration date and time.

Input a list of recipients' email addresses (optional for Protected and Public types of MediaBoxes) or add recipients using Distribution List.

Next, the user can configure Advanced Settings:


Figure 5: Create MediaBox modal window (Advanced settings)

  • Apply a visual watermark to images and videos or;
  • Apply a Forensic watermarking to videos (see the limitations below);
  • Allow Source File download: allows recipients to download the source file(s) (NOTE: Archived files cannot be downloaded);
  • Allow download of Ci Generated Previews and Custom Renders. The user can configure which specific Preview flavour or Custom Render profile should be downloadable; 
  • Allow download of User Added Elements (images, video or audio files, etc, associated with the file);

*Please note that Forensic watermarking is a Company Network level configuration. Forensic watermarking has the following limitations:
      1. only with secure MediaBoxes
      2. folders are not supported
      3. videos must be over 3 minutes long      
      4. applied to only the highest quality proxy available at time of execution - no dynamic HLS stream
      5. The duration of processing video with a forensic watermarking can be longer

Subscribe to email notifications when:

  • the MediaBox is accessed: you can opt to have email notifications sent to you when recipient(s) of the MediaBox opens it;
  • the MediaBox has been edited.

The user may save these advanced settings to save some time next time he or she will be creating a MediaBox: opt-in "Remember..." checkbox. 

In the Content tab, the user may add or remove the content of MediaBox, sort it by dragging the files or select sorting order:


Figure 6: MediaBox settings modal (Content tab).

The user should then click on Create MediaBox. Then he or she will be able to copy the MB link or send the link directly via Ci:


Figure 7: The final step of creating a MediaBox

Sharing active Live Streams via MediaBox

Active live streams can be shared securely with external partners and clients via MediaBox. Here's how to do that:

Once a live stream has begun, right-click on the file, hover over Share and select Add to existing MediaBox. Alternatively, you may also select the file and click the Share icon in the blue action bar and follow the same steps:


Figure 13: Adding live stream to a MediaBox

Select one or multiple MediaBoxes to share the live stream and click Add to # MediaBox:


Figure 13: Adding to one MediaBox

Once the live stream has been added, navigate to the MediaBox page and open the MediaBox the stream was added to. You can either double-click the MediaBox or select the MediaBox and click View in the action bar:


Figure 14: Opening MediaBox

Notice that live preview thumbnails for live streams are displayed in the Player, Workspace folder view and MediaBox view:


Figure 15: Live preview thumbnail

MediaBox recipients will be able to view the live stream in the Player simply by double-clicking the file:


Figure 16: Viewing live stream via MediaBox

Once the steam has ended, the file will begin to process. Once the file has finished processing recipients will be able to download the file as long as MediaBox downloads are enabled. 


For any additional questions, please reach out to the Ci Customer Success Team by submitting a request here in the Help Center. 


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