Aspera Connect Transfer Errors Troubleshooting

Aspera Connect transfer errors are rare, but how a user should deal with one if it does occur?

1. General Troubleshooting

Although it might depend on what kind of error a user is experiencing, a good common starting point for troubleshooting would be to use the Aspera Support Connect diagnostic tool

Users have to make sure that Aspera Connect is up and running on their machine, that the file they are attempting to test with has size less than 5 MB, and that the TCP and UDP ports are set to 33001. 


Figure 1: Aspera Support Connect Diagnostic tool, no issues detected.

The diagnostic tool is capable of detecting the following problems:

— Aspera Connect plugin version is not compatible with the browser version;

— Aspera Connect plugin version is outdated;

— TCP and UDP ports are closed;

Unless a user has no permissions to install software on the machine he/she uses, it is fairly easy to address the top two problems — just install the most recent version of Aspera Connect plugin or upgrade your browser version.

Opening TCP and UPD ports, however, may be complicated. Usually, a user has to request assistance from their IT department.

If all issues mentioned above are addressed, but the user is still unable to transfer content to/from Ci via Aspera Connect, he/she may try to deactivate their antivirus software (if there’s any) and give transfer another run. It is known that some antivirus programs might interfere with Aspera functionality and performance.

If nothing does the trick, users should follow these steps:

 — click IBM Aspera Connect -> Preferences -> General;

— Switch login level to Debug;


Figure 2: Switching Aspera Connect logging level to Debug

— try to initiate a transfer again;

— Switch login level back to Info;

— copy all Aspera Connect logs and send them to or attach them to an existing Ci Support ticket.

The logs locations are:


C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Aspera\Aspera Connect\var\log 

Also, Windows users can expand the Aspera Connect menu by clicking on the Aspera icon in the system trail. The menu contains "Open log folder" option. Another way to get into the logs folder is to use Ctrl+L hotkeys combination.


Figure 3: Aspera Connect plugin menu



Although Aspera Connect does not provide a menu option to get into a logs folder via the UI for macOS users, they still can use ⌘+L hotkeys combination to open the folder.



Along with the logs, a user has to send the test results generated by the Aspera Support Connect diagnostic tool (on Figure 1, there is a Copy button in the bottom right corner of the text window, in the Results column). 

2. Files/folders are not getting transferred. “Error establishing HTTP connection” message occurs in Aspera Connect transfer window.

This kind of errors is usually caused by a network configuration on a client’s end — due to UDP or TCP ports being blocked by a firewall.


Figure 4: Error establishing HTTP connection

To resolve this problem, a user has to get both ports open, likely by requesting assistance from his/her IT department. 

3. "FASP process crashed" message occurs in Aspera Connect transfer window.

The Fast and Secure Protocol (FASP) is a data transfer protocol. It is a network-optimized network protocol developed by Aspera.

There may be different causes of a FASP process crash. For troubleshooting, please follow the steps mentioned at the top of this article (see 1. General Troubleshooting).

4. Ci keeps asking to install the latest version of Aspera Connect although it is already installed.

Under specific circumstances, a user might be experiencing an endless circle of Ci UI requesting to update Aspera Connect version, even though the user already has the most recent version installed:


Figure 5: Install the latest version of Aspera Connect modal

If this is the case, we offer a more technically detailed troubleshooting article.  We would recommend that a user contact someone who is technical on their team or their IT team/department in order to troubleshoot the looping and installation confirmation with this article: Aspera Connect Install Confirmation Looping in Ci: How to Troubleshoot.

For any additional questions, please reach out to the Ci Customer Success Team by submitting a request here in the Help Center.


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