Live Stream Setup Tips & Information

Ci's support for acquiring a Live Stream via HLS in the Ci UI offers a great ability to view an HLS Live Stream through the Ci Workspace UI.  One of the great benefits to adding a Live Stream in Ci is to also leverage that Live Stream with the Ci MediaLog application for Live Logging of events during that Live Stream.  When the Live Stream is ended in the UI, there will be a a file that is created and goes through the same ingest/proxy generation as would an uploaded file.  Users can read more about how to use Live Stream in the Ci online User Guide article, User Guide: RTMP, HTTP, and SRT Live Streams.

You'll find that live streams can now be shared securely with external partners and clients via MediaBox. Additionally we've added preview thumbnails for live streams to be displayed in the Player and Workspace folder view. We've added preview filmstrips for live streams to be displayed in the Clipping tool and MediaLog.

In order to setup a Live Stream, there is some additional information to be aware of:

1. The support for Ci to acquire and encode an HLS stream it should be using MPEG-TS segments.  Ci does not currently support FMP4(.m4s) segments in an HLS stream.

2. A publicly accessible HLS stream can only be acquired by Ci.

3. An encrypted HLS stream cannot be acquired in the Ci Live Stream feature.

4. A DRM (Digital Rights Management) HLS stream cannot be acquired in the Ci Live Stream feature.

5. Currently an HLS stream with a 59.94 frame rate will not be able to be encoded/acquired in Ci.

We will consider additional guidance or tips to recommend when setting up a Live Stream in Ci in the future.


For any additional questions, please reach out to the Ci Customer Success Team by submitting a request here in the Help Center.


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