Notification/Alerts Options

You can configure email alerts for workspaces, file requests, WorkSessions, and MediaBoxes. Email alerts can serve as helpful reminders to start your workflows. For example, when a team member adds a file to a workspace, an email alert can notify other team members that their review workflow can begin.

Please note that email alerts are additional notifications and do not affect the Workspace Activity display on the right side of the Ci window:

For more information about the Workspace Activity tab, please see Activity and Alerts.

For more information about using email alerts to drive a content-acquisition workflow, please see Managing Media: Content-Acquisition Workflow.

Workspace notifications

  1. Click the Alerts button in the Navigation pane.

    The Email Alerts dialog is displayed.

  2. In the Email Alerts dialog, select the check box for each action that should trigger an email notification, and clear the check box for actions that shoud not trigger an email notification.

    When a check box is selected, a separate email is sent for each action. For example, if Files added to this Workspace is selected, you'll receive a separate email every time a file is added to the workspace.

    All team members can set their own alerts.

  3. Click Save.

File request notifications

When you create a file request, you'll automatically receive a single email alert when the bulk upload is complete.

You can also choose to send email alerts to team members to notify them that files are available for their own workflow.

For more information about file requests, please see Creating File Requests.

  1. Create a file request or edit an existing file request.

  2. In the Create File Request or Edit File Request dialog, select the Notify team members as uploads complete check box.

  3. Select the Notify team members as uploads complete check box.

    In the Add Members box, type the address of each team member you'd like to receive an email alert, or click Distribution List to choose from an existing list.

  4. Click Create File Request or Update File Request.

    Each team member will receive a single file with the file request's bulk upload has finished.

WorkSession notifications

When you create a WorkSession, all members will receive an email alert each time a comment is added in ImageReview or VideoReview and when a LiveSession starts.

For more information, please see WorkSessions, ImageReview, and VideoReview.

All team members can set their own alerts.

  1. Click the Alerts button in the WorkSession pane.

  2. Choose Don't notify me to turn off all email alerts for the current WorkSession, or choose Email for every action to receive an email alert for every WorkSession action.

MediaBox notifications

When you create a MediaBox, you can choose to receive email alerts when the MediaBox is accessed, edited, or closed, and you can add a watermark to video clips in the MediaBox.

For more information about using a MediaBox, please see How to Use a MediaBox.

  1. Create a MediaBox or edit an existing MediaBox.

  2. In the Send a MediaBox or Edit MediaBox dialog, select check boxes in the Delivery Tracking & Alerts section to choose your options.

    Watermarking does not trigger an email alert, but allows you to display a text overlay when video clips are played from the MediaBox. Select the check box and click Edit to edit the appearance of the watermark.

  3. Click Create Link or Update to save your settings.


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