Single Sign-On (SSO) Integrations

If you'd like your team members to log in to Ci using your company's network credentials, we can enable SSO for your Ci Company Network Account.  This is currently supported for SSO through OKTA.  There is future SSO vendor support planned.

When SSO via OKTA is enabled, it will allow for a user to select "Employee" login at the normal login screen and will either directly authenticate if already logged into their local network through OKTA or will prompt them to fill in their regular user credentials for their network versus having to register with Ci. 

Optionally, a member of a Team Workspace, MediaBox or WorkSession are not an employee of a company, then they can still login via the traditional Ci registered user or create a Ci user account based on invitation.  Employees who try to login that way are also messaged that they can sign-in with their regular network credentials and taken to that login page via OKTA.  This helps to prevent miscommunications and unnecessary registrations. 

The login page is also made unique with Ci branding options and a company-specific subdomain, such as

For more information about configuring SSO for your company, please contact Sony Ci Support at or via the Sony Ci Support Portal at

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