Content Acquisition Workflows

Ci provides tools that can either integrate into an existing workflow or which might present new ways to accomplish your goals/needs.

This article demonstrates how you can create a seamless content-acquisition workflow using file requests and email alerts.

  1. Create a file request.

    A file request allows you to request media from contributors who aren't necessarily part of your Ci team: when you need media, create a file request, and you can send contributors an email or provide a link that they can use to add media to your workspace without accessing the workspace itself.


    For more information about creating file requests, please see User Guide: Creating File Requests.

  2. Enable alerts to verify that you're notified when files are delivered.

    When you enable alerts for a file request, your team doesn't have to wait around for content to be delivered. When an upload has completed, an email is sent to the team members you specify so they know that it's time for them to get to work.

    You can configure email alerts when you create a file request, or you can edit an existing file request. For more information about setting up email alerts, please see How To Setup Notifications/Alerts.

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