Metadata based Search

When you perform a global search, metadata fields are included in the search. However, you are able to restrict your search to look for metadata fields only.

—  Click the Search button Screen_Shot_2021-12-12_at_4.30.18_PM.png in the top-left corner of the Ci window from the Dashboard.

—  Select the Search Options tab (see figure below).


—  Enter the metadata Name and Value in the text boxes. As you are typing, Ci will display matching metadata keys to the text you type. Select a key to use it:


In this example, we're looking for clips that have the value "Canada" saved in the Location key:


Like other queries made in Ci, the search results page provides a number of related facets to help you navigate through the results. You can filter by:

— Network,

— Space,

— file type (Video / Audio / Document / Folder / Image),

— Archive Status,

— Aspect Ratio,

— Audio Sample Rate,

— Video Codec,

— Frame Rate,

— Pixel Dimensions,

— Runtime

To narrow down search results, the user should simply click on a facet tag. 


For any additional questions, please reach out to the Ci Customer Success Team by submitting a request here in the Help Center. 

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