Workspaces: Ways to leverage Workspace Structure

Team Workspaces are an important part of both Company Network Accounts, and Personal Network, in the case that a Personal Network has multiple Team Workspaces.

The main goal of a Team Workspace is to provide you with a flexible way to manage your content with your trusted Team Members.

Think of a Team Workspace as the top level of a workflow. No matter how your team organizes your files, you can set up Workspaces to mirror that structure:

  • Project-based workflow, you can set up a Workspace for each project.
  • Workflow is focused on individual titles, you can set up a separate Workspace for each title.
  • Productions with episodes & seasons, you can set up a Workspace for each season.
  • Multiple productions, you can set up a Workspace for each show with a subfolder for each season.
  • Workflow throughout departments, you can set up a Workspace for each department.
  • Production & Post Production workflows, you can setup Workspaces for initially shot footage, editorial, post-production, or marketing for the specific Production.

These are just examples.  There's no wrong way to set up your Workspaces.  Use the flexibility of Ci to make Team Workspaces to help improve your workflow.

Ci leverages features and functionality options in the Team Workspaces to influence who might want to invite into the Team Workspace as trusted members of the team and those who do not need to be in the Team Workspace.  There are privileges such as add/remove members and permanently deleting content which can be turned off for members, as a whole all members of a Team Workspace have access and management to the content in the Team Workspace.  This helps to cut down on the complexity of administrating your Team Workspaces.  That allows you to just set up your Team Workspaces, invite your Team Members so they have access to upload, download, manage, share and collaborate, then let them get to work.

For more information about inviting users to a workspace and limiting members' ability to add/remove members or permanently delete files, please see the User Guide article Invite Users to Workspaces.

In addition to the use of Team Workspaces as they can relate to workflows, how you setup folder structure in your workspace is very flexible.  Folders can be created manually or when utilizing Folder Upload with Aspera.  Once folders are created, they can easily be moved around and restructured by simply dragging and dropping on top of other folders or to the Workspace root folder.  This provides for very quickly modification of folder structure and not having to rebuild structure manually.  These capabilities also allow for users to redefine their hierarchy as they progress through any workflow, giving great flexibility in managing your content.

For any additional questions, please reach out to the Ci Customer Success Team by submitting a request here in the Help Center. 


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