Company Network Admin Guide: Network Branding

This feature allows the Network Admins to leverage the Company’s brand more consistently through many of the Sony Ci features. Use it to reinforce the brand of your company, team, project, title or production when your Teams collaborate with each other, clients, and/or partners when they ship/share with MediaBoxes, invite into WorkSessions, such as with VideoReview ImageReview, as well as when initially inviting new users to create accounts or during login.

Network Admins may designate creative elements to be used as branding across views and as default settings whenever new Workspaces are created.  Network Admins can also designate Workspace-specific branding under Team Workspace > Branding area or turn off external branding at a Team level.  A background can be uploaded for a custom login page.  A custom subdomain may be requested, which will align with the customized login page.


Figure 1: Network Branding setup page

At the Network level, you can designate elements that will be used across brandable views and as default elements whenever new Workspaces are created.

The feature allows you to customize these branding elements:

—   Splash color (the color of such buttons as “Sign In” within the Log in page, “Add Files” within File Request feature, “Open MediaBox”, etc)

—   Logo (png, gif & jpg are acceptable, a transparent background is recommended)

—   Content Banner (jpg, png & gif are acceptable)

—   Login Banner (jpg, png & gif are acceptable)

—   Background (jpg, png & gif are acceptable)


Figure 2: Network Branding Elements overview

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