Creating or Managing Contribution Codes for Camera & File Requests

 In order to create or manage Contribution Codes for Camera & File Requests, follow these steps:

1. Click your avatar in the top right-hand navigation, which will show a dropdown menu, which includes the option “Account Settings”:


Figure 1: Getting to Network Administrator panel

2. Within the Network Administrator panel, click on the Network's title to expand the list of available options. Click Cameras option and then click Connect Cameras button:


Figure 2: Cameras tab

 3. You will be prompted to select the Workspace that uploads should go to and the expiration date of the code:


Figure 3: Request Camera Connection

 4. By clicking on the Generate Pairing Code button, a code will be generated. The user can then enter the code to a camera or FTP and upload directly to a Team Workspace.


Figure 4: Pairing Code

The Admin is able to Edit, Deactivate or Delete pairing code clicking on corresponding icons (see Figure 2).

Additionally, by selecting the code, you will be able to view cameras connected with the code as well as Edit or Block the devices. File Requests generated in the Workspace User Interface also are Contribution/Pairing Codes and will show up in the Connected Camera view.


Figure 5: Existing pairing codes list


For any additional questions, please reach out to the Ci Customer Success Team by submitting a request here in the Help Center. 


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