Aspera Plugin Workaround for Chrome version 42.0.2311.90

With the recent update of Chrome 42, the settings for NPAPI are now turned off by default, which does not allow the Aspera Connect Plugin to run when attempting to initiate for an upload or download in Ci.  There is a simple workaround for this while Aspera works on releasing a new version that does not utilize NPAPI.

Steps for the Workaround:

1. Open Chrome
2. Go to: chrome://flags/#enable-npapi


3. Click Enable
4. Completely closeout and quit Chrome, then restart Chrome.

The plugin should now work and the same with recognizing after any install of the plugin.

For more information regarding this issue, please refer to the Aspera Knowledge Base Article found below:

If you need any direct assistance, please feel free to submit a ticket to Ci Customer Support.

Thank you for your patience while Aspera works on a remedy.


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