Ci Workspace & Aspera Connect Installation

Using Aspera with Ci:


Heads-up! If you are on a Mac, the Aspera installation process may require you to restart your browser before the installation is complete and in some cases a restart of your computer is required.


1. After upgrading your personal account (a.k.a. “My Workspace”) or purchasing a Team Workspace, you will reach step #4 “Media Transport”.


2. On the media transport page, you will be prompted to give your browser permission to run the “Aspera Web” plugin. Please be sure to allow permissions for this plugin. Once you have done so, we will be able to detect whether or not you have Aspera installed.


3. If you do not have Aspera installed, follow the directions on the Media Transport step of the upgrade process.


4. Once the installation process is complete, enter your newly upgraded or purchased workspace. The upload button on the bottom left will have now have an Aspera option. If you have given your browser permission to run the plugin, you should be able to upload successfully.


If you have completed the installation process, but still receive an “Install Aspera” pop-up when attempting to upload, the browser might not have permission to run the plugin or Aspera Connect is not running. At this point, look for the plugin permission pop-up that your browser will initiate and click “Allow”.  If you do not see the permission pop-up, please manually give your browser permission to run the plugin by following the directions at the appropriate link below.

Chrome: Click Here


Safari: Click Here


IE: Click Here


The Ci Team


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