How to Review & Comment on Videos with VideoReview

As part of an integrated toolset, the VideoReview application allows users to review full media files while streaming or by frame as a general purpose application to collaboratively make comments or markup annotations, including drawing explicitly on top of frames to clearly outline and emphasize comments to facilitate the decision-making process. This application was developed to focus on the workflows and approval processes present at major organizations.

Feature List for Video Review Application

  • Frame Accurate Film Strip
  • Like Frame — Thumbs Up/Down
  • Like File — Thumbs Up/Down
  • Multiple files in a single WorkSession;
  • Full-Screen View
  • Add Comments
  • Annotate on Frame(s)
  • Threaded comments
  • General Ease of Use

How to Access and Use VideoReview:

There is a couple of ways to open a VideoReview session. The user can either left-click on a file(s) and then click on Launch App ->VideoReview icon in Action Bar, or right-click on selected files, then click Launch App -> VideoReview


Figure 1: Opening a file in VideoReview app

A new VideoReview WorkSession will be created in a separate tab. The session is being automatically saved as a draft.


 Figure 2: VideoReview interface

Playback is possible with the controls at the bottom of the screen. One reason for this is that parts of the logged-in experience with Workspaces and specifically, the VideoReview Application can be used with an iPad. The bottom buttons enable an easier iPad user experience.

WorkSession Toolbar.

The top area of the view is Toolbar. It contains a number of options for managing your WorkSession:


Figure 3: WorkSession toolbar

WorkSession title by default equals a filename. The title is editable. Once you click on the settings icon: Screen_Shot_2021-11-22_at_11.39.34_AM.png, you'll be presented with WorkSession settings modal:


Figure 4: WorkSession settings modal window

Within the modal, you can edit WorkSession name, set a session goal, assign a status, set an expiration date, and invite new participants.

Screen_Shot_2021-11-22_at_11.39.04_AM.png WorkSession status allows you to set a WorkSession's status, choosing between "Draft", "Active" and "Completed".

Screen_Shot_2021-11-22_at_11.39.56_AM.png Members menu option allows you to invite participants to the session by entering their name or email address or adding a Distribution List into the WorkSession Members section. You can add additional/remove existing participants at any time. All invited participants will be able to review and comment on the files included in the WorkSession. Name suggestions will come up as the user is typing.

Participants will be notified via email with details of the Worksession including its name, goal, and due date.

Screen_Shot_2021-11-22_at_11.39.25_AM.png Notifications option allows you to activate/deactivate email notifications about WorkSession activity.

Screen_Shot_2021-11-22_at_11.39.34_AM.png Edit Session option would provide you with Settings modal window that is shown in Figure 4.

If a user navigates to Edit Session from the WorkSpace WorkSession Management view:


Figure 5: Access WorkSession Management Navigation from almost anywhere in Ci



Figure 6: WorkSession Management View


A copy link feature is available in that modal when editing a WorkSession:


Figure 7: Copy Link Feature in the WorkSession Management Modal


Screen_Shot_2021-11-22_at_11.39.44_AM.png More options stack provides you with abilities to Like/Dislike a file, get Hotkeys hint, and export comments into a selected format.


Figure 8: More options stack

You can Export out the comments as Markers for opening in various formats, specifically Avid, Final Cut Pro X, Final Cut Pro 7 and XMP for Prelude/Premiere. The Avid format is a tab-delimited format and can be saved as a text file or a CSV if you want to print them out or use them as an offline reference.  For Prelude & Premiere Pro, export the XMP marker file and import into Prelude as unassociated metadata.  Once that is done and applied to a file, then use the option to open in Premiere Pro with the unassociated metadata available to the file in a project.


Figure 9: Export options

Adding/Removing Files to/from WorkSession

To add files to current WorkSession, click the "Add Item" icon in the top-left corner of WorkSession view, just below the WorkSession title. Multiple files can be added at once.


Figure 10: Adding files to VideoReview session

In order to remove a file from WorkSession, point cursor over the file's thumbnail and click the"Trash Bin" icon: Screen_Shot_2021-11-22_at_12.59.46_PM.png.

Playback Controls


Figure 11: Playback controls

There is a number of playback controls and options located just below preview player. You can:

— jump to a specific frame either dragging the red anchor over the filmstrip or by specifying a precise timecode/frame index value in the respective field;

— opt-in or opt-off timecode/timestamp overlay on the video playback; 

Timecode value is based on a timecode track from the source file. If there is no timecode track, Ci will start from 00:00:00:00 with its own time code. By default, the Timecode has the hh:mm:ss;ff view.

— like/dislike specific frame (a comment on that frame will be automatically created);

— rewind (not available in Chrome), jump back, start  or pause playback or fast forward;

— adjust volume level;

— toggle on/off the fullscreen mode;

File Discussion

The VideoReview application provides you with the capability to create frame specific comments and annotations. 


Figure 12: File Discussion

You can create comments and reply to them, edit and delete as well as search for comments and sort them. Click on a comment will trigger the preview player to jump to the specific frame. Utilize drawing tools to draw, outline and/or highlight on top of the individual frames and make a comment relative to that annotation.


Figure 13: Using Drawing Tools for Annotating on Frames

Conversation Export

As shown in Figure 9, conversations can be exported into multiple formats, including PDF. It is possible to export conversations per each file as well as for the entire session. This allows to easily produce a simple visual collection of all of the comments made by collaborators during a VideoReview WorkSession.


Figure 14: Exported PDF file example 


For any additional questions, please reach out to the Ci Customer Success Team by submitting a request here in the Help Center. 



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